Parents’ association

The APEL, a non-profit association (regulated under the 1901 Law), was founded in 1969 with a view to :

  • bring together all persons vested with parental authority over children attending the school,
  • ensure their training, information and representation,
  • contribute to the support and organisation of the school,
  • develop ties and collaborate with any other association of parents pertaining to Catholic education in order to have a valid representation before public and constituted authorities, as well as before any association pursuing the same teaching and educational goals.

Membership of APEL is therefore open to all parents of children attending school at Saint Jo, who have parental authority over these children and are up to date with their membership fees.

Their representatives are elected at the Ordinary General Assembly in October and meet as a Board of Directors approximately once a month, and carry out the following:

  • parents’ representation on the House Council and on the Board of Directors of the Institution.
  • organisation of various activities within the school such as student forums, textbook rental to high school students, class photos, various preventive actions in connection with the infirmary teams, mock admission interviews for Grade 12 students, visits for future Grade 6 pupils.
  • contribution to various costs such as student transport to the swimming pool and ice rink, help for families in difficulty (school meals, subsidies for school trips of more than two days in France or abroad).

We are available all year round for students, parents and teachers.

Call to candidates :

Every year, because their children have passed their Baccalauréat, some members of the Board of Directors leave the APEL. It is necessary to ensure their succession, and we encourage the parents of newcomers to join us as soon as the next school year starts. If you only have a little time, occasional help is also welcome… and if you are able and willing to accommodate foreigners passing through St Jo, please let us know!

Contact us :

  • On site on Mondays from 1.45 pm to 4 pm
  • By telephone (answering machine):
  • By e-mail: