1872Opening on October 7th of the little Saint Joseph school, annex of the Yvetot house. The same year another Le Havre institution was born: the H.A.C.! (the soccer club)
1897In order to keep up with the evolution of the number of pupils, Abbot Julien, Superior, built new buildings including the famous Byzantine chapel.
1914At the outbreak of the Great War, more than 300 pupils attended the school. The day-school was partly transformed into a military hospital.
1922More than 500 pupils! The school had to be built again. Abbot Vignal created the Petit Saint Joseph in Graville.
1940The Superior, Abbot Blanchet, who had developed the teaching of science, was appointed Bishop of Saint-Dié. Abbot Theubet succeeded him and faced German occupation.
1944During the night of 5th to 6th September, the Saint Joseph Institution was bombed and destroyed. Like the Le Havre community, it payed the terrible price of war.
1950After a temporary stay at Sainte Adresse, the new Saint Joseph started taking shape. The Archbishop of Rouen laid the foundation stone for the buildings that would be erected on the site of President Félix Faure's villa.
1959The Debré Law was signed. Saint Joseph became an establishment under contract of association with the State and stopped primary classes.
1968The Saint Joseph Institution, although it was renowned for its calm, was to undergo a mini revolution! By the time the thousand-pupil mark was passed, the first girls arrive at the school.
1970Jacques David, a former student and English teacher, succeeded Abbot Gricourt. He was the first lay Director of the institution.
1978Bernard Demeillers, Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences succeeded him. The modernisation of the premises (audio-visual room, language lab) continued.
1993The Institution took on a third curriculum, in addition to Middle and High school. To cope with the development of its higher education, Mr Demeillers opened "Saint Jo Sup", located at the International Trade Centre building.
2001Opening of the first English European section in Grade 8.
2002Opening of the first German European section in Grade 8. Followed by the English European class in Grade 9.
2003Opening of the second English European section. Opening of a British International section in Grade 10.
2004Opening of a British International section in Grade 6.
2006Opening of an Italian European section and a Chinese Eastern (Mandarin) section in Middle school, and a German European section in High school.
2007Inauguration of the 400 m2 Media Library.
2008Mr Demeillers retired after 30 years as Head of the school.
2011Opening of a Preparatory class for Business School entrance exams.
2012First exchange with Lycée n°1 of Dalian - China.
2013Saint Jo obtained the " Cambridge International School " accreditation and was therefore entitled to offer the IGSCE " International General Certificate of Secondary Education ".
Partnership with Ecole Saint Michel in Le Havre (primary). New exchange with a high school in Singapore. Opening of a bilingual English Chinese Grade 6 course.

Partenariat avec l’Ecole Saint Michel, – nouvel échange avec un lycée de Singapour. Ouverture 6ème bilangue anglais-chinois.
2014Organisation of the first International Summit (NIYLS).
2018Opening of Korean language class, taught as a 3rd language, and of a Digital Bachelor's Degree.
2019St Jo was accredited with the EUROSCOL label. The 2,300-student mark was passed. In September, the foundation stone was laid for the new catering and sports centres.
2020-2021Opening of the catering and sports centres.