Culture Hall

The Culture Hall was created in 2011. Its 250 square metres, dedicated to cultural activities in all their forms, are located under the Media Library.

It may also be used, as teachers request, to host courses that require more space than a classroom. It is equipped with a stage area with curtains and hosts professional and amateur shows throughout the year. An exhibition area allows for hosting local and regional artists.

The Culture Hall is also the space for highlights and meetings such as the International Summit, the International Day, the Week of Solidarity with Madagascar, Philo Day and Sustainable Development Day (a non-exhaustive list which changes every year).

As of the 2019 academic year, the school is a subscriber to the Artothèque du Havre, managed by ESADHaR (Le Havre’s art university) in order to promote the work of its former students. Several times a year, High school students majoring in Art, accompanied by Mrs Boutigny, their Art teacher, choose the works to be exhibited in the Culture Hall and can thus become curators and mediators in order to share their artistic choices with students and teachers.

In addition to the Culture Hall, there is a theatre rehearsal room in the school. This allows students who wish to do so to follow theatre classes, stage plays or skits, supervised by Vincent Delaforge, the school’s Theatre teacher.