Billing periods

Term 1: from 01/09/2020
Quarter 2: from 30/11/2020
Term 3: from 08/03/2021

Students in language sections (International, European and Oriental) will attend conversation sessions in a foreign language and may take a language proficiency test which will be organised during the school year.  Fees are between 60 and 80€. Further details will be given during the year.

Tarifs Collège Lycée 2020 2021


– A 100€ deposit will be requested upon enrolment or re-enrolment, this sum will be deducted from the invoice for the third term. In the event of early departure or cancellation of enrolment, this sum will be retained by the school.


  • Individual accident insurance is compulsory for all activities offered by the school and is included in our fees.
  • For any change in the catering choices, please inform the general services in writing one month before the end of the term. Any term started is due.
  • There are two ways of paying the invoices (cheque or bank transfer):
    • the whole term on receipt of the invoice.
    • or monthly.

Invoices must be paid at the beginning of the term or month.


– Fee reduction: In order to accommodate children from low-income families, we can apply a sliding scale of charges. You can request the forms from the Institution’s accounting department before 6 July 2020. Applications must be returned before 14 September 2020.

– Catering aid: Aid may be granted, please apply to the accounting department. This must be done before 14 September 2020. We do not allow children bring their meals to the school except for those who have medical specifications.


National Scholarships Middle school

Our school is entitled to welcome pupils on national scholarships. Families can apply for a national scholarship from 1 to 30 September 2020. The application for a scholarship will have to be renewed each year until Grade 9.

A simulator to find out what your rights are to a grant is available on Vie scolaire.

National Scholarships High School

Our school is entitled to welcome pupils on national scholarships. Students entering Grade 10 need to apply for a High School scholarship at the end of Grade 9.

In March 2021, a scale and calculation form will be sent to all families of students in Year 10 and Year 11 for the 2021-2022 scholarship campaign. Pupils who do not receive a national scholarship may apply for a grant if the scale allows it. A simulator for obtaining a grant is available on Vie scolaire.

Note: For certain families whose financial situation has changed after the end of the scholarship campaign (end of May 2021), e.g. loss of employment, separation, long-term illness, etc., a provisional scholarship application can be made until 16/10/20.

(ask the secretariat for information or consult the website: Education.gouv )

N.B.: for pupils in Grade 9, families will receive in March 2021 a scale and calculation form for the 2021-2022 High School grant application. Families will be able to collect a file as of April.